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CCC Legacy "Cowtown" Chapter 123



CCC Legacy Chapter 123 Newsletter, Jan 2018

Posted by RUAVET on 11 June, 2018 at 17:50





3412 Pleasant Run Road,

Irving, Texas, 75062

13 JANUARY 2018


Chartered: Nov. 1, 1985. Past Presidents: *Nelson Oats, *Harold Ballard, *W. O. Mullin, *Verle Oringderff, *Harold Trammell, *William Oakley, *Frank Polenta, *S. L. Baker, *George Payne,

*Harry Steinert, & *Al Clement. *deceased.

Current Officers: President-Mike Pixler, phone contact: 817-929-1557, First Vice President-,Pat Mann, 817-834-1164, Second Vice President-Joe Pixler, 806-786-6299 Secretary/Treasurer- OPEN, Sergeant at Arms-Troy Jones, Chaplain-Rev. James Pixler, Kitchen Committee, (Volunteer- Wanda Jones), Historian/Reporter at Large & Newsletter Editor-Bill Stallings, phone contact: 972- 255-7237.

Monthly Meeting is held on the second Saturday of each month from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the North Side Multipurpose Center, 1801 Harrington [North], Fort Worth, TX 76106. If you are using a GPS display, this address is the FRONT of the building; our meeting room is at the BACK, off of Homan St. The door to the meeting room is on the right as you approach from the parking lot, and will have a CCC sign on it. Driving Directions: Interstate Hwy 30 runs east & west, and accesses the downtown Fort Worth area from the south. Exit north on Henderson St. After a couple of miles it crosses a fork of the Trinity River and becomes State Hwy 199 which goes to Lake Worth, and the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. When you reach the traffic light at the intersection of 18th St.

NW, turn right [east] and go up the hill four blocks to Homan St. Turn left [north], and go a block to the Y. Stay right and continue into the Center’s rear parking lot. If coming from Loop 820 North, go East on Hwy 199 and left on 18th St. Our meeting room door with the CCC sign is to the right as you approach the building. Our dues are $10 a person annually, effective from Oct. to Sep. Bring a friend & enjoy fun, fellowship & food. Sign the register for you may win the $10 door prize.




Weather: Temp 34, Clear, Attendance 6


Meeting called to order at 11:15 AM by President Pixler.


Invocation offered by, Mike Pixler.


Pledges to Flags led by Sgt-at-Arms, Troy Jones


President Pixler reminded the members present of the purpose of CCC Legacy is to honor the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933-1942 by increasing the awareness of their accomplishments to the public and to promote, sustain and increase membership of CCC Legacy Inc and CCC Legacy Chapter 123.


Members present stated they had received the December, 2017 newsletter, and had no corrections to the minutes as published. Motion to approve as printed by Wes CulWell,

2nd Troy Jones, motion passed.


A printed copy of the financial report was available. Motion to accept, as printed by Bill Stallings, 2nd Troy Jones, motion passed. It was shared with the chapter, pending donations from CCC Boy Ed Schukert, Marty Smith, and Rick Shepherd the chapter will reach a new plateau in finance not reached before just by the membership.


Sick call update of the membership, Troy and Wanda Jones shared information on their health status. There were no anniversaries noted. There were no members present with a January birthday.


Old Business was a reminder that an updated chapter roster would be sent to CCC Legacy Inc by the end of January, 2018


New Business included the proposal to increase membership dues. A motion to accept the proposal of increase made by Mike Pixler, 2nd by Wes Culwell to increase dues to $20 US, effective, 1 March, 2018. Record of vote, members present; 1 Yea, 4 Nae, Motion Not Passed.

A lengthy discussion followed with the members present on what amount would be acceptable as an increase in dues. A suggestion of perhaps a stair-step increase to begin with an increase to $15, US. The members agreed that increase would not put such a financial burden on members with a fixed income. A proposed increase, ($15) effective 1 March, 2018, to follow the guidelines of vote for the defeated $20 increase was made to motion by Wes Culwell, 2nd Bill Stallings,

Record of vote, members present; 5 Yea, 0 Nae, Motion Passed. The new dues increase, providing is passed by chapter, does not effect current members. Current members increase become effective 1 October, 2018. The guideline to vote for the dues increase follows.


9 January, 2018 DUES INCREASE CCC LEGACY CHAPTER 123, 2018



The following is a proposed increase of the amount of dues in accordance with Civilian Conservation


Corps Legacy Fort Worth “Cowtown” Chapter 123 bylaws, Article V, Section 4. Dues, sub para a).


Motion; To the CCC Legacy Chapter 123 Executive Council and membership,


I, WES CULWELL, Member, CCC Legacy Chapter 123 propose the dues for annual membership be


increased to Fifteen dollars ($15) US, effective 1 March, 2018.



2nd __Bill Stallings___________________________________________(13 January, 2018 meeting)



Yea______ Nea_______ Abstain________ pass_______________ fail______________



Proposal to be voted on at the 10 February, 2018 chapter meeting. Results to be published in the


February, 2018 CCC Legacy Chapter 123 Newsletter.


Members who are eligible to vote on this matter may vote in person, email their vote with comments to CCC Legacy Chapter 123 President @ [email protected] N/L/T 9 February, 2018, or by USPS postmarked N/L/T 6 February, 2018.


A record of this increase in dues with the results shall be included in the 10 February, 2018 minutes.


The program included an email from Tom McKee, son of Life Member, CCC Boy TW (Bill) McKee who passed in November, 2017. Thanks to Tom was expressed by all. The email is included in the January, 2018 Newsletter. Additional involvement with different agencies and an Event 2018 were discussed.


Pass the Can followed with Wanda Jones winning the $10 door prize.


President Pixler offered the blessing prior to the meal.


Motion to adjourn by Wes Culwell, 2nd, Bill Stallings, meeting adjourned at 12:45 PM.


CCC Legacy Chapter 123 family present enjoyed a wonderful meal. Next meeting, 10 February, 2018.



Respectfully submitted for,


CCC Legacy Chapter 123

Secretary/Treasurer by

Mike Pixler, President

CCC Legacy Chapter 123


The following is the email from the son of CCC Boy TW (Bill) McKee, Tom McKee. A kind word of thanks is appreciated from CCC Legacy Chapter 123.


January 12, 2018

To Mike, Wes and the "boys"

Dad always looked forward to either my sister or I taking him to a Chapter meeting to visit with "the boys" and their ladies.  So I am sure he would have been happy to know that Mike showed up at his Funeral visitation to provide an official "send off" from the boys.  Dad had a goal to make it to 100 but even though he was in good health he was getting really tired of life without mom and few friends.  He said his goodbyes and that he was ready to go be with mom and his Savior.  He was in no pain when he went to sleep and drifted away after my sister arrived that morning to check on him.  He was 8 days short of his 98th birthday when he drifted away on Sunday, Nov 5.  As usual, Dad had a plan.  We were able to bury him the following Saturday, Nov 11, Veterans Day, 2017.

When Mike came to the visitation I asked how best to celebrate Dad's love for Legacy Chapter 123?  We discussed a donation in dad's name to the Chapter.  I tried to do so using the Chapter website "Donate Button" but it appears that my PayPal account canceled the donation (twice) so the link may be broken or appear suspect to PayPal.  So you will have to deal with my "$100 check is in the mail promise".

Thanks also to Mike for putting me in touch with Wes the first time I was driving around Lake Worth helping dad find the CCC Memorial.  Dad was a little confused with the message he had gotten, as we were looking on the wrong side of the lake near where dad lived and where I grew up.  But dad had faith in the Chapter, he said, "Here call Mike at this phone number and get us some directions!!!!"  Of course, Mike answered and said, "I was there this morning, mowing grass, if I had known you were coming I would have waited. 4

When we finally got to the right place following Mike's directions we were greeted by Wes who apparently had been contacted by Mike to come greet us.  Wes spent a long time that afternoon showing us around, explaining what was known about the camp and talking with dad.  Wes did an excellent job of "interviewing" dad, slowly drawing out long forgotten memories of dad's time at the CCC camp. Dad said when he arrived at the camp on his first day they were short handed in the kitchen and he helped out.  He must have done a good job because the kitchen became his assignment.  Somehow that must have gotten into his records because a few years later after he was drafted for WWII he was trained as a cook.  He said his only duty as a cook was on the ship over because once he got to France his sergeant said, "I don't need no stinking cook, I need a 50 cal machine gun operator, jump in the back of that half-track and meet your new best friend, Mr 50 Cal."

Of course Dad's most vivid memory of CCC camp was when a buddy invited dad to go home with him for the weekend to meet his buddy's girl friend and her sister.  The two of them wound up as brothers-in-law in addition to friends when the two couples married several years later.  The four of them were going to get married together but fate and muddy country farm roads changed that a little when they got stuck on the way to get married.  They talked it over and decided that one couple would get out and push so that one couple could stay clean for the ceremony.  Mom and Dad got out to push, Al & Dorothy stayed clean and got married with Mom and Dad as muddy witnesses. The next day Mom and Dad got cleaned up and went back to get married (on Halloween).  So we heard the story often when someone would ask why in the world Mom and Dad chose Halloween for their wedding day and subsequent anniversary celebrations. Actually it was necessary as the guys had taken a week off from their new jobs at Lockheed in Burbank, rushed back to Texas to get married so they could take the girls back to Burbank with them.  Grandpa and their brothers would not hear of the girls going off to California with the guys unless they were married.  My goodness,  how times have changed.

After mom passed in 2009, it took dad a while to find his way without mom at his side.  Legacy Chapter 123 was a big help to dad as he worked through that part of his new life as a widower.  Hopefully the Chapter realizes how important it is to fill that function for other "boys" as time moves on.


Bless you all,

Tom R McKee,

Midlothian, Virginia


Thank you Tom for the donation and sharing a Dad’s story with us. We all enjoyed talking with him at the meetings. You are always welcome at CCC Legacy Chapter 123.










The Civilian Conservation Corps Legacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, preservation and education to promote better understanding of the CCC and its continuing contribution to American life and culture. “I propose to create a Civilian Conservation Corps to be used in simple work, more important, however than the material gains will be the moral and spiritual value of such work. --FDR, 1933







Annual dues, CCC Legacy Chapter 123 $10 per person. Oct thru Sep






Your Birthday____________________S/O Birthday_____________

Anniversary (if applicable)__________S/O Name_______________

Send Check or MO payable to CCCL Chap 123

3116 Indian Gap St, Weatherford, TX 76087



Check the following sites for additional information and upcoming events


Like us on facebook;


Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge,


Friends of the FWNC&R;


CCC Legacy Chapter 123 web-page;


Check this page for TEXAS CCC NEWSLETTERS; 7

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